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More Dead Space!

We already know that Dead Space is getting a nice little prequel in DLC form shortly before the game’s release in January.  However, we learned today through Gamerzines that EA has announced more Dead Space goodness at Comicon.

The two new pieces announced will build further on the Dead Space backstory–an animated feature entitled Dead Space – Aftermath, and a graphic novel named Dead Space – Salvage.

Dead Space – Aftermath will be released in January, and will explain the events of the first-responder mission to Aegis VII.  Aftermath explores how a crew of people were sent to Aegis VII, unknowingly to be exposed to Marker shards–all part of a government conspiracy to produce a viable “Marker Blueprint” carrier.

Meanwhile, Dead Space – Salvage will present the story of a rogue group of miners that discover the dilapidated USG Ishimura.  Anyone who’s played the first game knows how this is going to turn out…..

Dead Space fans can expect Salvage to be released in December 2010.

With files from Gamerzines

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