More Dead Space Could Be on the Horizon

Image from Dead Space showing a downed Isaac Clarke about to be attacked by a Necromorph.

If you’ve been as in love with the Dead Space remake as we have, it may interest you to learn that the studio is not done exploring this universe. In our review of the game, we couldn’t sing its praises enough. For many, it wasn’t just a modern take on one of the best horror releases of a previous generation, it was an improvement on Visceral’s 2008 formula.

It’s not much of a surprise then to learn that Motive EA has a few more ideas up its sleeve. It should be noted that there’s been no official word on whether a Dead Space follow-up is currently in the works, but it sounds like the dev team is keen to keep the Isaac Clarke hype train going.

This comes from a recent interview with GQ, in which senior producer Phil Ducharme said that after a vacation, they want to sit down with EA and discuss what’s next. What this means is up for debate, but it doesn’t seem like a throwaway statement. It actually sounds like Ducharme and the rest are wanting to keep creating games under the Dead Space name. Whether this is a brand-new story or a remake of the sequels remains to be seen at this stage.

We’ve probably said this before, but horror is in top form at the moment. While The Callisto Protocol was a little bit divisive, though, we loved it, the remakes of Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil 4 are whetting a lot of appetites. That’s before we get to what else is on the horizon, from additional Silent Hill projects to the new Layers of Fear, as well as Outlast TrialsSons of the ForestGreyhill Incident, and probably loads more we can’t think of right now.

Basically, now is a fantastic time to be into horror gaming, and if you’re still not sure about the Dead Space remake, maybe the below launch trailer will help you decide.

YouTube video

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