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Resident Evil Remake Characters

JILL VALENTINE Jill is a person with excellent knowledge of tools. She is reknown as the “master of unlocking”. Her ability to remain calm in the most dire situations is one quality which will help her survive the nightmare. She’s also popular amongst her teammates and has a strong sense of justice. Height: 165cm | […]

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Resident Evil Remake Enemies

ZOMBIE Infection with T-Virus in a human host results with this. It has a severe necrotic effect on the host due to their metabolism, and they need to feed on fresh meat in order to survive. They have no intelligent behaviour and are driven only by their urges, and so they are easy to either […]

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Resident Evil Remake Weapons

Combat Knife Only use this as a backup. Don’t use it unless you have no other choice, as it will soon render you dead. DETAILED INFORMATION A Special Forces Combat Knife, such as this one, can be very dangerous in the hands of a trained professional. A little large, but deadly nonetheless. It is a […]

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Resident Evil Remake About

Capcom announced an exclusive deal with Nintendo in September 2001. A remake of the first Resident Evil will be released on GameCube, as well as RE Zero for GameCube and not to forget Resident Evil 4 and the rest of the franchise excluding the Gun Survivor titles. The fans for one side hated Capcom’s decision […]

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Resident Evil Remake Files

S.T.A.R.S. MANUAL If you have changed your controller type to TYPE-B or to TYPE-C, please keep in mind that the contents explained here correlates with controller TYPE-A. – How to view your STATUS SCREEN – Press the Y Button during the game. (You will not be able to view the STATUS SCREEN during Cut-Scenes or […]

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Resident Evil Remake Press Quotes

– “Anyone with a penchant for the macabre will be blown away by Resident Evil, and even if you’re only vaguely into this sort of game, it’s still a must buy.” — GameSpot “A masterpiece of macabre mayhem, encased in a graphical shell so realistic you’ll be wincing at every arterial spray and brutal decapitation.” […]

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Resident Evil Remake Cheats and Hints

Unlockable: Samurai Edge Beat the game with either Chris or Jill in less than five hours (total playtime) in Normal or Hard mode and you’ll be able to use the Samurai Edge, an upgraded handgun with unlimited bullets. Unlockable: Rocket Launcher To use this powerful weapon, you must beat the game once with Chris or Jill […]

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