Rely on Horror Review Score Guide

1 — A Massive Failure: There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this score. The game is unfinished, broken, unplayable, or so ill-conceived that it doesn’t deserve the right to exist on this Earth.

— Bad: Games that are incredibly broken (glitches, design choices) or a bore to play.

3 — Poor: Games that may have been designed around a decent idea but fail on most counts. Small vapors of fun might be found here.

4 — Below Average: Games that disappoint considerably more than they excite. These aren’t horrible, just flawed enough to not want to recommend to anyone.

5 — Average: The definition of a “meh” game. It’s a video game that functions; it has some interesting moments, but those are balanced out with equally uninteresting ones. Indifference will be felt.

6 — Above Average: A score suited for a game that’s just above average. It will have elements that some will enjoy, but it probably won’t be very satisfying to most.

7 — Good: A good game is defined by being fun, but lacking in a few regards. These games might be missing some much-needed replay value, polish, or the extra “oomph” that would make them great.

8 — Great: A great game is exactly that. It brings enjoyment to many and is solid on most accounts. These games feature impressive elements that mostly overshadow their faults.

9 — Amazing: These games are simply a joy to play. There’s only a handful of issues that might cause a tinge of annoyance, but the overall experience is highly recommended and one that will be remembered for years to come.

10 — The Holy Grail: This is as close to perfection as you can get on this Earth. A 10 is the best score you can give, because it signifies a jaw dropping experience with no issues (or so little that they don’t affect the amount of fun you’ll have). You might want to put this game in your pants for a bit – that’s how much you love it.

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