Resident Evil Gaiden

  • Resident Evil Gaiden Characters

    FreeklyHoke - June 15, 2010

    LEON SCOTT KENNEDY The rookie Raccoon Police Department officer returns! After joining the same organisation Barry has, Leon is sent…
  • Resident Evil Gaiden Enemies

    sowsbloopay - June 15, 2010

    ZOMBIE Male Zombies that appear quite often in the game. As long as you keep your distance from them, they…
  • Resident Evil Gaiden Weapons

    Dominik Mayr - June 15, 2010

    Combat Knife DETAILED INFORMATION One of the most well used weapons in the game, because many zombies can be easily…
  • Resident Evil Gaiden About

    frertowlift - June 15, 2010

    The most controversial Resident Evil title ever made. A title that has the fan base completely split down the middle…
  • Resident Evil Gaiden Files

    liisufpx09 - June 15, 2010

    Info Doc : Your current objective will be shown on your PDA. Your PDA will also show all the information…
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