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Resident Evil Gaiden Characters

LEON SCOTT KENNEDY The rookie Raccoon Police Department officer returns! After joining the same organisation Barry has, Leon is sent on an assignment to uncover the truths of the disaster that befell the Starlight cruise liner. Shortly after getting on board, contact is lost with Leon Height: 181cm | Weight: 73kg | Blood Type: B […]

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Resident Evil Gaiden Enemies

ZOMBIE Male Zombies that appear quite often in the game. As long as you keep your distance from them, they shall be an easy target with the pistol or shotgun. If you bump into many, try using the Gas Launcher. Origin: Human | Attack: Very Slow | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 1/5 FEMALE ZOMBIE […]

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Resident Evil Gaiden Weapons

Combat Knife DETAILED INFORMATION One of the most well used weapons in the game, because many zombies can be easily dispatched with this knife. It’s recommended that players save as much ammo as possible and use this during the weaker zombie encounters. Caliber: – | Magazine Capacity: – Handgun DETAILED INFORMATION The starting firearm of […]

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Resident Evil Gaiden About

The most controversial Resident Evil title ever made. A title that has the fan base completely split down the middle regarding its authenticity. It’s no secret that this wasn’t developed by Capcom, but a British company called ‘M4’. With that in mind however, Shinji Mikami is credited within the game as advisor. Indeed Capcom themselves […]

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Resident Evil Gaiden Files

Info Doc : Your current objective will be shown on your PDA. Your PDA will also show all the information you have found. Your PDA can be accessed from your inventory. Your current objective will also be shown on your map and will be highlighted in red. Your map will also show where you currently […]

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