Resident Evil Gaiden Files

Info Doc :

Your current objective will be shown on your PDA. Your PDA will also show all the
information you have found. Your PDA can be accessed from your inventory.

Your current objective will also be shown on your map and will be highlighted in red.
Your map will also show where you currently are highlighted in green.

As you complete your objectives your current status will be saved. You may then continue
your mission after a restart. At set times you may also save your status in slot 1, 2
or 3. You may then continue your mission from slot 1, 2 or 3 when you restart.


Run Doc :

When you try to run away in a battle, you must fire your weapon and hit the target in
the middle. Zombies will try harder to hit you whilst you are running away. Once you
start to run away you cannot re-join the battle.


Health Doc :

Always be on the lookout for Herbs to pick up. If you are wounded these will recover
lost health. Apply a herb within your inventory to recover lost health. Search zombies
as they may be sometimes be carrying Herbs and other useful items.


Equip Doc :

You can equip yourself with a different weapon within your inventory. You also have
access to your inventory when in battle, but be careful the action will not stop.


Poison Doc :

Some of these zombies can poison you with their attacks. If you are poisoned your health
will suffer for a period of time. Use the blue or purple herbs to cure yourself
from the poison. Your display will indicate when you are poisoned.


Items Doc :

To unlock a door you must use the key when you are near that door. To use an item,
like a key, you must go to your inventory.


Escape Doc :

To escape from a Zombie’s grasp, struggle by trying to move.


Targetting Doc :

You may use your targeting system to attack any hostiles. Once your target is activated
you can aim at any hostiles you meet. The sight will indicate when a hostile is
in range. De-Activate the target system once a hostile is in range to start a battle.

Once in a battle, fire your weapon when the target is aligned with the hostile to be
hit. Remember that your weapons are less effective at greater distances.


Armor Doc :

Be on the lookout for Armour. Equip yourself with the Armour you find to protect
yourself. The stronger the Armour, the less damage you will suffer when you are
hit in a battle. Remember, useful items such as Armour may be left around the ship
by the crew and passengers. Lookout for these items and always watch for your alert icon.


Library Doc :

TO catch up on procedures, crewmen should read during their spare time. Many technical
books can be found in the Library on 2F


Kitchen Doc :

During meal breaks, crewmen should use the Kitchen 3F. This Kitchen can be found next
to the Ocean View Lounge.


Computer Doc :

You need the Operator Password Card to re-boot the computer. The operator crewmen can
often be found socialising in the Piano Bar on 2F.

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