Video games come and go.  Consoles change, graphics are updated, and people move on.

But fear sticks with you for a long time.  Deep-rooted beliefs and feelings tell you that your worst nightmares are coming true.  Your mind becomes focused, your heart starts to pound–adrenaline rushes out to your limbs to allow you to act fast.  Whether the ominous groans of the undead shuffling in the halls gets you going, or a pack of wild dogs jumping through a window, or some ungodly creature lunging towards you in a dark and isolated lab, nothing quite sticks out in your mind quite like the first time you’ve been frightened by a video game.

At Rely on Horror, we’re all about that.  RoH is an online gaming publication dedicated to thriller and survival horror video games.  We cover games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Dead Space, and any other games that just happen to send chills down our spine.

Check back with us often for the latest news, reviews and articles.  You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook by following the links on our home page as well!  That way you can have all of our updates delivered directly to your news feed!  Don’t be scared, we promise to leave the night-light on for you.

The RoH Team

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