Resident Evil Remake Cheats and Hints

Unlockable: Samurai Edge

Beat the game with either Chris or Jill in less than five hours (total playtime) in Normal or Hard mode and you’ll be able to use the Samurai Edge, an upgraded handgun with unlimited bullets.

Unlockable: Rocket Launcher

To use this powerful weapon, you must beat the game once with Chris or Jill in less than three hours in Normal or Hard mode. It’s tough, but it can be done. Once you’ve completed the game you can start a new one with the Rocket Launcher to really kick some zombie ass.

Unlockable: Invisible Enemy Mode

Clear the game on Hard mode to unlock the Invisible Enemy Mode. In this mode, you can only hear the zombies — they will be invisible until you make contact with them. Have fun.

Unlockable: One Dangerous Zombie

To unlock One dangerous Zombie, beat the game with both Chris or Jill at either normal or hard difficulty. When you play the game again, you’ll find that some enemies in the game have been replaced by Forest Speyer turned into a zombie and with the speed of a Crimson Head, who dogs you around the mansion. These pesky bugger can’t be shot, or it’ll explode and level the mansion. Playing against a kamikaze zombie is a true test of your skills.

Hint: Grenade Launcher Glitch

This glitch only works with Jill (as she is the only one capable of using the Grenade Launcher). Equip the Grenade Launcher in the first slot (upper-most left) and then go to any item box. Select any grenade ammo in an item box slot that is different than the grenade type loaded in the Grenade Launcher. Next, attempt to place the grenade ammo from the item box into Jill’s inventory; instead of “swapping items” the Grenade Launcher will swap ammunition instead.

Warning: After this glitch is done, you should divide your grenade ammo into the minimum number of slots it needs (255 rounds per slot) to avoid corrupting your game data.

Unlockable: Alternate Ending

There’s a lot that factors into opening the alternate endings. There are quite a few. Here’s how to make them all happen:

As Jill

  • Alt ending 1: Give Barry his gun, keep him alive, and rescue Chris
  • Alt ending 2: Give Barry his gun, keep him alive, let Chris die.
  • Alt ending 3: Give Bazza his gun back, let him die at the heliport, but keep Chris alive.
  • Alt ending 4: Don’t give Barry his gun and rescue Chris.
  • Alt ending 5: Don’t give Barry his gun and don’t rescue Chris.

As Chris

  • Alt ending 6: Rescue Rebecca, keep her alive, and Rescue Jill.
  • Alt ending 7: Let Rebecca die, but rescue Jill.
  • Alt ending 8: Rescue Rebecca, but let her die at the Heliport, rescue Jill.
  • Alt ending 9: Let Rebecca die, rescue Jill.
  • Alt ending 10: Let Jill and Rebecca die at the Heliport.

Unlockable: Hidden Costumes

Beat the game on different difficulty settings with either Chris or Jill to get the closet key. You will find it in your item box when you start a new game and you can use it to put on some sexy new costumes for Jill — and to get some new duds for Chris at well. Each difficulty setting will get you different costumes, so be sure to play through the game multiple times to get it all.

First time Jill: Commando outfit
Second time Jill: Outfit from RE3: Nemesis
First time Chris: Casual gear
Second time Chris: Outfit from RE CODE: Veronica

Easter Egg: Tofu’s Voice

In the secret lab, go to the computer where you enter the password to open the electrically locked doors. Type the username JOHN and the password ADA. Click the door that you need a password for. The normal password is CELL, but type MOLE instead. This is the password for the computer from the original Resident Evil. When you enter it, it will be denied, but you will hear the voice of Tofu, the secret character from Resident Evil 2.

Unlockable: Real Survival Mode

The hidden mode, Real Survival, is unlocked automatically when you beat the game with either Jill or Chris. Basically, it gets rid of the magical ability of the item box. So if you put an item into one item box, you can only take it out of the same one. No magical beaming. This makes the game a whole lot more difficult — but also a lot more tedious.

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