Silent Hill 2 Remake Devs Give Deep Dive Interview with IGN

Silent Hill 2 Remake

It has indeed been a joyous time for fans of Konami’s behemoth horror IP. Multiple new projects Silent Hill projects have been announced, including new games as well as a movie. It was initially reported during the Silent Hill transmission livestream showcase that the first project in the series’ much-anticipated return would be a full remake of fan-favorite Silent Hill 2, developed by Bloober Team.

The Polish studio, which is best known for games like Layers of Fear and The Medium, recently addressed concerns fans had over their stewardship of the beloved title, saying that they are sticking as close to the original story as possible.

We previously reported on the game’s official announcement and its cinematic trailer, breaking down what we thought of the remake. Now, IGN Japan has just released a lengthy, deep-dive developer interview with Silent Hill series producer Motoi Okamoto, concept artist Masahiro Ito, and composer Akira Yamaoka. Ito and Yamaoka both worked on the original Silent Hill 2 and are involved in the remake as well.

You can watch a portion of the interview in the video below:

Some of the things the developers discuss are the decisions behind why they chose to remake Silent Hill 2, who they approached for more Silent Hill projects, and what influences some of their design changes, including the new cutscene of Pyramid Head’s first appearance.

You can read the full interview here.

A big thanks to IGN for nabbing this exclusive.


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