Resident Evil 4 Remake Steam Page Changes Release Date to ‘Coming Soon’

UPDATE: The release date has, thankfully, been changed back to March 24th, 2023. It appears to have been an error brought on by a new policy to Steam’s release date system. Huzzah!

We’ve been anxiously counting down the days to the release date of Resident Evil 4 Remake over here at Rely on Horror. Between double-checking Capcom news sources and rewatching the available trailers and footage on repeat, March 24th simply cannot come fast enough. Unfortunately, it looks like there’s a chance Resident Evil 4 Remake might not quite make it to that finish line, as the Steam page for the game has quietly changed the release date to ‘coming soon’.

This morning, fans noticed the change and double-checked it via Steam’s change log to make sure they weren’t hallucinating — and unfortunately, it is indeed a deliberate change on the part of Capcom. Checking over Resident Evil 4 Remake‘s other store pages, and even main website, it seems like Steam is the only site to make this change, which is very curious. A lot of the time, updates and changes made to the Steam version of a game can either end up giving away something a little too early — or lead us all astray because we misconstrued an update without proper context. In this case, it’s really hard to say. Did the PC version specifically get quietly delayed? Was the date change a mistake? Is Resident Evil 4 Remake being delayed across the board and Capcom updated the Steam page too early? There’s no way to know for the moment, but the change is worrying for anyone that’s already requested time off from work for the current release date nevertheless.

It’s been quite a while since a Resident Evil game was outright delayed; in fact, I honestly can’t remember a time a title in this series had a previously announced release date change besides Resident Evil 6, which had its date actually bumped up a few weeks back in 2012. As always, the best we can do is just wait and see, and hope this quiet change doesn’t mean anything.

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