Resident Evil Ambassador Program Sets Dates for New Tester Event

Not even an entire day following the rumored Resident Evil 8 leaks, Capcom has sent out a new email to Resident Evil/BioHazard Ambassador Program members regarding a new playtest. Previously, Capcom had invited members of the program to test out the as-of-yet unannounced Resident Evil: Resistance back in September at TGS and then later a few special events across the US. Today, this new email includes not only the US and Japan but also Germany, which is pretty cool:

One thing worth speculating on here is what is this tester event even for? Last month Capcom actually announced a new Resident Evil game via this same program, listing a tester event for an “unannounced title”. Is this what that was referring to? The one thing that gives me pause here is the timing. It seems frankly bizarre to reveal the next Resident Evil game, in a playable state no less, just weeks before the release of REmake 3. The lack of a concrete answer one way or another regarding what playtesters will be playing here is very surprising, but unless something changes all we can go off of is that it’s for the new, unannounced game. What that unannounced title could be is anyone’s guess, although lots of fans have been quick to jump on it being RE8 (which would render the leak that it had been pushed back moot) or Revelations 3. It could also be possible that it’s just one last beta test for Resistance to take a newer version (having implemented feedback from the previous tester event), but then why wouldn’t they just say that?

We’ll find out soon enough, Resident Evil: Resistance (at the time code-named Project REsistance) was officially revealed a few weeks ahead of the tester event so, in theory, the same will be true here. That places the reveal sometime mid-February (based on the Tokyo tester date being February 29th or March 1st). It’s also worth mentioning that all signs point to the PlayStation 5 being officially revealed mid to late February, which lines up with all of this. We could be looking at the first next-gen RE sooner than we thought. Resident Evil 3 Remake of course releases (along with Resistance) April 3rd on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

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