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New Footage of Project REsistance on Xbox One X

While the rumors of new REmake 2 DLC and possibly the impending announcement of REmake 3 swirl about the news cycle, it’s worth remembering that there is one RE game we actually know is coming. Announced a little over two months ago, we still don’t know a whole hell of a lot about Project REsistance, an all-new four vs one co-op game set during the events of Raccoon City. There has been some gameplay, and a Beta test ran for select fans in October, but beyond the one map and the five playable characters, we have yet to see more. There’s been a few leaks and speculation regarding what the rest of the game could be, and Capcom has confirmed that Project REsistance is only part of a larger whole (that includes a single-player campaign), but nothing solid to talk about, really.

That trend continues with a new gameplay video showcasing Project REsistance running on and taking advantage of the Xbox One X. It might not come off as too impressive without the right kind of monitor, but suffice it to say it’s very pretty. Running at a butter-smooth 60fps and a native 3840×2160 4k resolution, Project REsistance will be a joy to look at, at the very least. Beyond this, there isn’t really anything new to note here beyond just getting to see new footage of the area and so forth that we’ve already seen. There is some footage of Mastermind play that’s pretty fun, including taking direct control of a zombie.

With the Game Awards coming up in just a few weeks, we’re holding out hope that we’ll get to see more at the show — and perhaps a full reveal of what Project REsistance actually is. Some fans have speculated that it could be the rumored DLC for REmake 2 (although that’s one hell of a DLC), while rumors peg it as being a part of REmake 3’s package. At the moment, there’s simply no way to tell, but we’ll keep an ear out for anything and everything more regarding this.

Project REsistance releases some time in 2020 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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