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Project REsistance: Full Match Footage Released

Project REsistance, the new multiplayer Resident Evil game coming from Capcom and Neobards, has revealed a new gameplay video for us to pour over! Announced earlier this month, Project REsistance has been met with a pretty mixed reception thus far, leaning maybe a little closer to the negative as a whole. While some back and forth rumors and speculation had some players hyped that this title as a secret Outbreak revival, the asymmetrical multiplayer action game hasn’t really resonated with fans yet. Hopefully, this video can assuage some fears… although I have to admit it probably won’t. The footage shows a full 10-minute match from the perspectives of three of the survivor players and the mastermind, occasionally focusing in on one of them to explain gameplay mechanics.

It’s nice to get a look at gameplay without all the TGS buzz over it, although the footage is still clearly from very early development. Some stuttering framerate issues, bugs, and the gameplay, in general, seems chaotic to a degree that might be difficult to manage. This is of course only footage, we won’t know until we can play for ourselves (soon enough, through the closed beta Capcom is hosting), but personally this is the first time I’ve really noticed the “jank” others have commented on online. This is still very far away from release, of course, so it’s important not to judge too quickly here. Despite all of this, players who spent time with it at TGS generally had fun — so that’s a good sign. We also know for a fact that some sort of offline mode is in development, so there’s every chance this isn’t anywhere even close to the full package. We’ll keep you in the loop as more Project REsistance footage and information becomes available.

Also, they really need to tone down the mastermind’s talking, I mean god damn.

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