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Project REsistance is Outbreak 3 After All Says Old Rumor

When posting about rumors, we here at Rely always try to weed out the ones that look simply… well, wrong. We have sources that we double-check with, and even when that fails to confirm or disprove, we try to just straight up use our brains. Some very credible sounding rumors have floated our way, and we’ve never posted them (you might’ve noticed a lot of Dino Crisis stuff around E3… but not from us). That isn’t to say we haven’t been duped before, and it can often be difficult to parse the fake from reality as often ‘leaks’ will end up being true… due to being a really well-timed troll. More often than not, the knee-jerk reaction to hearing a leak or rumor is just to immediately wave it away as being total BS and that being the end of it. Turns out that sometimes, the ridiculous leak might be true. Project REsistance, the new Resident Evil game, has been surrounded with speculation and rumors, and much to our surprise… some of them aren’t new.

GameFAQs user The_Deep_Tyrant made a rumor mill post five months ago that sounded absolutely unbelievable in a “Sans in Smash” kind of way… though, it’s turned out that Sans really did end up in Smash. Back in March of this year Tyrant posted a leak in regards to the ‘next’ Resident Evil title, and thus far everything they listed has turned out to be 100% on the money, to a “this is obviously real” level regarding Project REsistance.

– Will feature a single-player and multiplayer mode, more on the multiplayer section near the bottom

– Asymmetrical multiplayer feature using a “Mastermind” mechanic

– Four survivors against a player that acts as a “Mastermind”

– Mastermind can see rooms remotely, open/close doors, control cameras, and unleash enemies upon the survivors

– Survivors battle their way through a map, solving puzzles, opening doors, etc, all while the Mastermind throws everything they have at them

– Survivors make use of credits earned during game to purchase ammo, herbs, etc

– Survivors are chosen from a specific preset, with abilities, such as a school nerd, jock, and cheerleader archetypes

– Contains at least one female player character, possibly more

– Scavenging, possibly randomly generated loot in an open concept map, that focuses on inventory management (surprise) with a small backpack

– Map is open concept, most likely not fully open world, and is a decent chunk of Raccoon City. Alpha build contained sewers, subways, etc.

– Gameplay features puzzles, such as acquiring keys, gems, etc., as well as objectives, loading survivors onto a subway, and then finding gas, or turning on power, for the subway.

– Will feature certain combat mechanics, such as melee escapes and sidestepping/dodging for avoiding enemies

– Enemies so far seem to be zombies and dogs

– Abilities include things like increased melee power, ability to hack cameras, and possible healing capabilities

– Teamwork is very important, as it requires a concerted effort to overcome the swarms of enemies, and solve the puzzles, or activate doors/switches

– Some rounds end with a mini-boss that must be overcome to continue on

– The Mastermind can also directly control a dog/zombie to wreak concentrated havoc on the survivors

So uh yeah that’s really obviously, unmistakably Project REsistance they’re talking about. Down to such tiny, specific details like the use of the word Mastermind, the ability to take direct control of enemies, the archetypes players can assume, hacking cameras, etc. We’re all on the same page with this, right? This person absolutely had prior knowledge, like very in-depth prior knowledge of Project REsistance months before Capcom even made the Ambassador Program tester announcement that revealed that there was a “next game” coming.

So if we can all agree on that, let’s pour over the snippets of information I left out, as they’re the only ones that aren’t objectively confirmed by what we have officially seen from Capcom so far. Brace yourselves.

It’s only been about a month and a half, but it seems Capcom is working on something designed to appeal to those that loved Outbreak.

Sadly, I can’t say where I got this information from, it may as well just be a rumor, but according to my source, there is an early alpha build being playtested now. I’ll just share what I know, even if it’s in fragments, and you all can do what you like with the information.

Title: Resident Evil: Outbreakers – Sounds kind of lazy, but seems to be the working title.

While I can attest to not being… in love with that title (why not like… Outbreak Survivors or something?), I think we might want to consider that we were all right with our initial assumptions before — this really is a sequel/spiritual successor to Resident Evil: Outbreak and Outbreak File #2. I’m a bit floored by all this, and while of course, it is still just a rumor, grain of salt, all of that… I mean damn, friends. There’s every chance the user was actually in the know on everything else, and just injected that title information on their own because they were excited, but they’re so, so on the money with everything else. Only time will tell, but it’s still worth remembering — Project REsistance is a working title, and aside from just assuming that they straight up can’t think of a name right now, the only other reason they would be hiding the title from us is if they thought it would be a huge surprise.

Project REsistance does not currently have a release date but will be releasing across Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Stay tuned for more news in the future.

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