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ICYMI – The Long Wait

So, our last couple of weekly wrap-ups didn’t quite publish as intended.  It’s cold outside – too cold to actually go out there, so let’s stay in side and play video games.  Or in this case, read about them. Here’s a look at some of the stuff you might have missed last week.

The long wait

Naughty Dog has revealed that any potential sequel to The Last of Us will have to wait until Uncharted 4 is finished and Resident Evil: Revelations 2‘s first episode has been delayed.  On the other hand, DMC: Definitive Edition is set to release one week earlier than planned.

It’s go time

The visual novel Train of Afterlife has found its way onto Steam (be sure to stick around for our review!) the Safe Haven DLC for Alien: Isolation is now available, and H1Z1 is now available on Steam.  Additionally, the Dead Rising film, Dead Rising: Watchtower will be out in March.

Mistakes were made

H1Z1’s Steam release wasn’t without its fair share of controversy, however.  Last week, the developer behind The War Z reflected on the game’s tumultuous development.  Kind of.


In a move that really shouldn’t be all that surprising, Hotline Miami 2 has been denied classification in Australia.


CJ had a look at the next part of Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story.

Keep in touch!  Let us know how your new year is going, or just lurk in the shadows if you like.

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