WHAT YOU’VE MISSED – March 9, 2011


Latest Reviews and Articles:

Countdown to Resident Evil’s 15th Anniversary (Part 2)

Dead Space 2: Severed – Review

Dead Island won’t let you kill kid zombies.. But why would you want to?

reHorror: Countdown to Resident Evil’s 15th Anniversary (Part 3)

Dailyvania: Countdown to “Reverie” Part 1

reHorror: Countdown to Resident Evil’s 15th Anniversary (Part 4)

What we want in Dead Island

DailyVania: Countdown to ‘Reverie’ (Part 2)

DailyVania: Countdown to Reverie (Part 3)

DailyVania: Breakdown of the new ‘Reverie’ screens

reHorror: Countdown to Resident Evil’s 15th anniversary (Part 5)

GDC 2011 News:

Frank West should be jealous: NEW Dead Island Info

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D will have 30 Stages

Shadows of the Damned: GDC trailer and new screens

HOT News:

How does the “Subway System” work in Silent Hill: Downpour?

Castlevania Lord of Shadow: Reverie – New Screens and Progress Updates

New Resident Evil: Outbreak?

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D – Playable in Japan later this month

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D begins principal photography, Adelaide Clemens cast as Heather Mason

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC trailer coming “real soon”

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow ‘Reverie’ hits at the end of March, new screens released

Jill Valentine coming to MvC3 on March 15th, sexy new trailer

New Dead Island screens for your zombie-viewing pleasure

Other News:

Release Date Set for Alice: The Madness Returns

Dead Island – “Absolutely not like Dead Rising 2”

Cancellation of Alan Wake 2 – not Remedy’s idea

New Dev Diary for Dead Nation

Alice: Madness Returns – Gameplay Video

Alice: Madness Returns – “Insanity is Beautiful” Trailer and more Gameplay

Chris and Dante gets Fan-Service attires in latest MvC DLC

Capcom plans for Ninja Theory’s DMC to sit “above DMC3 for this generation”

Dead Nation wins big, voice-chat patch goes live

Dead Space 2 – Evolution of Story Dev Diary

The Walking Dead (Season 1) DVD/ Blu-ray is now available

Shadows of the Damned interview: Enough war and space games, let’s go to Hell!

“Dead Nation” a winner with the PSN crowd.

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