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Cancellation of Alan Wake PC Version Wasn’t Remedy’s Idea

Today at the Game Developer’s Conference, Remedy has told CVG that it wasn’t their idea to cancel further development on Alan Wake.

Remedy boss Markus Maki and programmer Olli Tervo presented a spot called “Alan Wake: The Writer who Made us Rewrite Our Engine,” in which they discussed the reasons behind the game’s lengthy six year development cycle.

In it, they revealed that the game was originally supposed to be a multi-platform release.  Not just for the Xbox 360 and the PC, but also for the PS3!  But following a deal with Microsoft, Remedy dropped development for the PS3.  Most of the development team, whose previous experience was writing games for the PC had a difficult time writing code for the 360.

Despite that fact, it should be noted that Alan Wake, nor the two DLC episodes released required a single update.  Not too shabby for working outside of familiar territory, eh?

So if the cancellation of the PC version of Alan Wake wasn’t up to Remedy, than whose was it?  Maki couldn’t offer any comment as to whose it was, other than the fact that it wasn’t theirs, and it wasn’t due to technological reasons.

Gamers were told the reasoning behind the dropped support was due to ‘atmosphere.’  Remember?  Some games are better played in the livingroom in front of the television, while others are best played in front of a computer screen.

We get the feeling that this was MS trying to push what could have been waning support for the 360.  Also, we can’t help feeling that the game would have sold more had it been released jointly for the PC and the 360 together.

Source: CVG and EDGE

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