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How does the “Subway System” work in Silent Hill Downpour?

Devin Shatsky, producer of the upcoming ‘Silent Hill: Downpour’ posted on the Hell Descent Forums to shed some light on this new “subway system” on the latest Silent Hill.

You can read what he has to say below:

Hell Descent Forums:

Hey All,

As I’ve mentioned in past interviews, I read this forum quite often, and wanted to let you all know we DO pay attention to your posts. There are many times when I’d love to post in reply to a misinformed fan, or in defense of a theory that is contradictory to the actual design in Downpour. However, I think it’s best to remain on the ‘sidelines’ most of the time and let people speculate. As well, we have a pretty solid strategy as to how we release information, so most of the time I have to sit back and bite my lip, no matter how badly I want to discuss the design with all of you.

SOOO that being said, before this thread got derailed (pun intended), I’ve been meaning to set the record straight on some of the subway system speculation. For no other reason than to temper the expectations on this mechanic.

I think there’s a misconception by some that Murphy will be buying tickets, waiting on the platform for the 5:00 train, and then riding a train to reach his destination. I’ll let you know right now, that isn’t the case. As you can see in the screenshots, we have subway stations that have service tunnels that Murphy can traverse to reach other areas of town. Think of these subway tunnels as “shortcuts” that could speed up your town navigation–not literal train rides.

When I say could, that is assuming you don’t get ‘derailed’ by any tunnel dwellers along the way 😉

Sorry to those of you who were expecting something ‘bigger’ than this, but the subway system is a mechanic that was implemented out of sheer convenience, for those lazier players who don’t feel like taking a long walk to their destination. Granted, you can if you want… Hope this helps shed some light!



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