Looks like Allison Road Quietly Died Again

Remember P.T.? Obviously you do, you’re here. Well, better question, do you remember Allison Road, the P.T. inspired indie game that was meant to come out at some point? That game has bounced back and forth between life and death quite a few times, appearing first in 2015 with a pretty impressive trailer, getting a Kickstarter campaign, cancelling that campaign and getting published by Team 17, splitting with Team 17 and cancelling the game, and finally announcing that the game lived again in late 2016. Talk about a wild ride. Well, since it’s “revival” in 2016, there’s been no word whatsoever about it, like not even a little bit. After being reminded it existed at all by a user in our Discord group, I figured I’d check in on the game to see if there’s been any more information. Not only hasn’t there been, there’s actually less now.

All of the social media accounts for Allison Road have either been completely deactivated or are in some limbo. The official Facebook page (where the revival notice was made) and both Twitter accounts associated with the game (@Chris_HSbF6 and @AllisonRoad_HQ) are simply gone, the only things left behind being the official website (which hasn’t been updated since 2016) and the official YouTube channel (yes, I double-checked, this really is the official one) is now just… the developer’s YouTube account, where they have made and continue to update a few music playlists. I guess even when your game is dead you still need something to jog to, and I have to thank them for introducing me to Alexisonfire because it’s pretty good stuff that is very 16-year-old me aesthetic. It’s a huge shame, the footage we did see was actually pretty great looking.

While I’d initially assumed that Christian Kesler (the one man team behind Lillith Ltd.), had simply quit, it looks like he uh… actually kinda had a pretty good reason not to pursue Allison Road. Unless I’m completely misunderstanding this, he appears to have since worked as a concept artist and matte painter for things like Avenger: Infinity War and more with other movie studios. Well, damn, I don’t blame you.  If you’re out there, Christian Kesler, this reporter hopes that wherever you are, you’re enjoying a toast with good friends. 

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