Allison Road Cancelled

Woah, this came out of now where!

Moments ago the official Twitter account for the P.T. inspired horror game Allison Road announced that the game has been cancelled. No reasons were given, but a full statement is said to be coming in the next few days. Based on the wording of the tweet, it sounds like the team had no choice but to cease production.

Allison Road‘s popularity skyrocketed shortly after it was announced, and mid Kickstarter the development team Lilith Ltd were even able to secure Team17 as publisher to cover development costs so they would no longer need to crowdfund. Perhaps that funding pulled out? But if so, why not just go back to Kickstarter? A lot of questions remain.

It’s always a sad thing to see a promising game get cancelled. Let’s hope the full statement goes online soon so we can figure out just what happened. With P.T. and Silent Hills dead in the water, fans have been anxious to see new games in the same vein as Kojima Production’s playable teaser. Allison Road sadly seems to have suffered the same fate as the game it was inspired by.

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