The Creators of Agony Announced a Torture Simulator

Tormentor: promo screenshot showing a close up of the titular tormentor character

Whatever you thought of Madmind Studios‘ hellscape horror Agony, there’s no denying it had a visual impact on the gaming community with its bloody visuals and sexualized overtones. Now it appears the developer is in the midst of their latest endeavor: Tormentor, which is described as a horror game that lets players fulfil their depraved desire to mutilate victims. Essentially, it’s a torture simulator (noice!).

Here’s what the team has to say about it:

The Tormentor will be a horror game, which will allow players to perform the role of a torturer. By managing a prison that has been vacant for years, the main character fights against a growing mental illness. In order to get more doses of the experimental drug, players will have to show creativity in torturing their victims in order to gather as many spectators as possible during live-streams on darkweb.

From the beginning the game is designed for the next generation of devices. Using technologies such as raytracing in an unusual way, Tormentor will allow players to look at the world of the game and the possibilities it offers.

The Tormentor will allow players to create the perfect victims for their prisons using an extensive character editor. Players will not only be able to create the perfect victim. They will also build their character card, choose the tone of voice and behavioral patterns.

It sounds sickeningly intriguing. The bonus of having customization features (torture cells, victims etc.) is just the cherry on the bloody cake. That said, that line about the main character, a murderer, dealing with a “growing mental illness” is cause for concern. As if horror didn’t stigmatize mental illness enough; but it’s hard to imagine the team behind Agony capable of any less, even if they claimed in the past that they wanted to respectfully approach the subject matter in their other upcoming game, Paranoia.

So far, there is no release date for Tormentor, but you can check out more information by going to their Steam or Twitter page. We’ll keep you posted on any more details. No mention of what other platforms it will be available on, but it looks as though it could be a PC exclusive, at least to begin with.

As usual, check out the trailer below.

YouTube video

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