PC Gaming Show 2020: New “The Outlast Trials” Trailer Highlights Co-op Horror Amidst the Cold War

In the latest trailer for The Outlast Trials from the PC Gaming Show, new nightmares are revealed from the famed run-and-hide specialists at Red Barrel.

Going backward in time from the previous Outlast games, The Outlast Trials sets the series’ brand of horror amidst the Cold War. Frightening Jacob’s Ladder styled doctors loom large over the player (or one of their victims) in that scary familiar Outlast VHS grain and night-vision styled hue. The latest game in the series is a cooperative experience which is a first for the franchise. Usually, you experience the horror alone. It remains to be seen how this particular Outlast game will unfold and if this co-op experience will affect the main storyline and other series mainstays.

The new trailer also potentially highlights a mind control aspect that may play into the cooperative gaming experience as it shows one character affixed with a head-mounted display. Things obviously don’t bode well for the persons shown in the trailer, but we can remain hopeful about our own prospects when The Outlast Trials premieres in 2021 on consoles and PC.

YouTube video

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