Fatal Frame 1 is Being Remastered… as a Pachinko Machine

Fatal Frame, or Project Zero as it’s known in other parts of the world, has gone without a new entry since 2014’s Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (which we liked pretty okay). Despite not having a new game in over five years, a new motion picture adaption is in the works from Silent Hill film director Christophe Gans, and the series producer has remarked multiple times that he’d love to see a new entry on Switch, or at least something. This year is the series’ 20th anniversary, and fans have been eager to hear what Koei Techmo and Nintendo might have in store. A small tease was made last year regarding a potential celebration, and it looks like we finally know what that celebration is! The celebration is pain, pure, unpasteurized pain.

We currently don’t know much more than what you see in the trailer, which appears to be a somewhat remastered version of the first game in the series, intermixed with new footage for the sake of its pachi-facelift. Following up on the severely negative backlash of Silent Hill‘s pachinko (and subsequent slot machine for the west), this opens up quite a few old wounds. It’s hard to blame Nintendo for this, as gambling is perhaps one of the most lucrative gaming businesses in Japan, even despite the recent government crackdown — but that doesn’t help this not fucking suck.

If you love this series, and hate this, the original trilogy is still thankfully available to purchase digitally from the PlayStation 3 store, Maiden of Black Water from the WiiU store, and Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (and the remake of Crimson Butterfly) can be imported to the states/purchased in the countries they released in, and an English fan patch can be downloaded onto your Wii for the former rather easily. 20 years on, Fatal Frame still remains one of the absolute best horror franchises out there, and arguably the only one that was able to give Silent Hill real competition in scares back on the PS2.


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