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Agony Unrated Maybe Uncancelled (Again)

After multiple attempts to release Agony without censored or removed content, Madmind Studio is poised to finally make good (0r evil?) on their promise.

I reached out to Agony creative director Tomasz Dutkiewicz about Agony Unrated‘s release, which lists him as both the game’s publisher and developer. For context, the original game listed Madmind as both, though, the game did indeed have publisher support which enabled the game’s release on consoles. As of writing, I’ve received no response; I’ll update this post if he does.

Based on a video released prior to the Agony‘s release of the cut content, nudity, scenes of rape, genitals, and some deaths were toned down. The cancelled uncut patch for the original game, and then Agony Unrated, aimed to include all of this.

Agony Unrated is set for a release on Steam on Halloween, October 31st. After numerous gameplay updates based on player feedback and the restoration of some cut content (which may include enhanced visuals), perhaps Agony Unrated will be a superior version that many wish they played the first time around. Those waiting for the Switch version will no doubt get the original game, not this unrated edition.

I was not very kind to Agony in my review, but it’s clear the developer is committed to making the game the best it can be regardless of the hardships — both financial and legal — they’ve faced. I’ll give them props for that.

[Via PC Gamer]

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