Agony Developer Facing Financial Problems; Cancels Agony Unrated

Agony Unrated

Developer Madmind Studio, creator of the recently released Agony, has not had a good time since they launched their breakout title. It’s been quite the rollercoaster for this young studio, and fans (and Kickstarter backers) are in for some more troubling times.

In a Steam announcement, the developer announced that the company is currently facing financial problems “due to technical and legal reasons.” As a result, they need to cancel Agony Unrated. The developer remains vague what these technical — but more importantly — what the legal complications are. Speculation between ourselves in the virtual RoH office and others online lead us to believe a possibility for the studio’s multiple legal-related mishaps could be due restrictions set forth by the game’s publisher. Regardless of the unknown cause, this is but another troublesome matter since the game released.

Just prior to launch, the studio announced that they’d have to censor some of the more mature content in the game. This was ultimately cancelled due to unspecified legal troubles. They then later announced that Agony Unrated, a separate version of the game with restored content, was also planned for release. As of today, that’s been cancelled too. There’s no telling what the future holds for Madmind Studio, but even though I thought Agony was a frustratingly poor game, I think they have potential. It would be a shame to see them shut their doors so quickly.


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