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Resident Evil Code: Veronica Characters

CLAIRE REDFIELD A couple of months after escaping the Raccoon City outbreak, Claire headed to the Paris Research Facility in an attempt to find her lost brother Chris. Almost escaping, she was captured by Rodrigo Juan Raval, held at gunpoint with no bullets left. She was knocked unconscious and transported to the Rockfort Island prison and Training Facility, […]

Resident Evil Code: Veronica Enemies

ZOMBIE Infection with T-Virus in a human host results with this. It has a severe necrotic effect on the host due to their metabolism, and they need to feed on fresh meat in order to survive. They have no intelligent behaviour and are driven only by their urges, and so they are easy to either kill or […]

Resident Evil Code: Veronica Weapons

Combat Knife Now, in this game, the Combat Knife has take n a much deadlier form. You are now able to incapacitate enemies faster. Use on Zombies, and Cerberus’ -only in extreme cases DETAILED INFORMATION A Special Forces Combat Knife, such as this one, can be very dangerous in the hands of a trained professional. […]

Resident Evil Code: Veronica About

After RE3: Nemesis being the last game on PlayStation, Capcom had to find a next generation console to continue their popular franchise. They found it in the Sega Dreamcast. It was said that Code: Veronica will be a side chapter of the series and only be released on Sega Dreamcast. Every true RE fan bought […]

Resident Evil Code: Veronica Files

PLAYING MANUAL CHECK ALL ITEMS When you obtain a new item, always remember to look at it with the “Check” command on the status screen. Remember, it’s always best to rotate the item so you can check it from different angles. TRY TO PUSH OBJECTS If you face an object and press and hold up […]

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Yes, my friends, Veronica is that type of game, and if you’re that type of survival whore-er, then you’re in for that type of experience all over again. But thanks to the power of Dreamcast, this go round is not only a whole hell of a lot more beautiful, but it almost seems a lot […]

Resident Evil Code: Veronica Cheats & Hints

Battle Game Complete the game, and once you are back in the Main menu, the Battle Game option will be unlocked. Rocket Launcher To unlock the Rocket Launcher in the main game, successfully complete the game with Rank A in under 4:30 hours. Do not use First Aid Sprays, save Steve fast from the Gold […]