Resident Evil Code: Veronica Weapons

Combat Knife
Now, in this game, the Combat Knife has take n a much deadlier form. You are now able to incapacitate enemies faster. Use on Zombies, and Cerberus’ -only in extreme cases
A Special Forces Combat Knife, such as this one, can be very dangerous in the hands of a trained professional. A little large, but deadly nonetheless. It is a must have in a survival situation. There are key features of this knife that are unlike any other. It is 16 inches over all, with a 1/4 of an inch Carbon re-enforced 420 Stainless steel blade, with heavy serrated edges. It has a watertight grip for those that must travel in the water. A very large, deadly, self-defense weapon.
Caliber: None | Magazine Capacity: None
Beretta M93
Use mostly on less dangerous enemies. It is recommended that you use it on Bats, Zombies, and Cerberus’. You can use it on the Bandersnatch, but it is not recommended.
It was developed by Beretta Italy. First appearing in the late 70’s for police and military agencies that may require an additional punch up from the standard sidearm. Beretta no long has this weapon listed, but it is still used by some military units and police. It is based on the M92 design, but has additional features of its own. It has a fold down had grip just forward of the trigger group, low profile Military sights, a vented barrel, and of course a 3 round burst mode as well as a single shot mode. You can acquire a folding stock for this pistol to help reduce the recoil in 3 round burst. It packs quite a punch for a small handgun.
Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum/ Luger | Magazine Capacity: 20+1 round -s-
Calico Model 100 – Pistol
Ammunition is very scarce, if not none. On the other hand, it handles very well, and is good against most foes -if you have the ammo-
Developed by Calico Arms Co. for both civilian and military use. It is a rather complex weapon, which didn’t see much sales, as a firearms ban in the mid 90’s almost single handedly put this out for business. It uses a blowback design -like most Sub Machine Guns-, and features a 50 to 100 round rotary magazine. It does not feature a forward handgrip, or front sight, which makes it a very unusual weapon.
Caliber: 22. LR -5.6mm| Magazine Capacity: 50-100 round -s-
Bow Gun (Manufacture Unknown)
Good for all enemies except major bosses. Ammunition can be found regularly is it is recommended that you always carry this weapon.
This type of Crossbow has dated back to early medieval times. It has been updated to fit the needs of hunters, as well as archery marksman. Unfortunately, not much information can be found on a crossbow like this. It can fire crossbow bolt that have explosive charges on the tip. This, might I add, ups the lethality of this weapon by a 10 fold.
Caliber: Crossbow Bolts | Magazine Capacity: 1 bolt -s-
M79 Grenade Launcher
Primarily usage on large groups of zombies, Cerberus, Bandersnatches and Sweepers
Used extensively during the Vietnam conflict, but after the war, it was phased out and replaced by the M203 40mm Grenade launcher. Remaining M-79’s were then sent to foreign military organizations as well as Homeland Law Enforcement for riot control purposes. This is a single shot, crack open, breech firing grenade weapon. It features a cut stock. If used in the right situation, this could become a very lethal and versatile weapon.
Caliber: 40mm HE Grenade, Acid, and Napalm | Magazine Capacity: 1 round -s-
Dual-Ingram / Military Armament Corp. MAC-11
Considering that the Rate of fire is good, equip and use on large groups of Zombies, Cerberus’, single Lickers, it is recommended that you do not use on any other enemy as it becomes rather useless against more powerful enemies.
One of the most notable SMG’s of all time. Developed by Gorgon Ingram, it soon became a must for Military Special Forces as well as Police Units in the US as well as other countries. It features a number of different manufactures that make this same weapon. It is a recoil operated, open bolt, select fire sub-machine gun. It has a cocking handle on the top of the weapon that load ammunition in to the bolt. It has an extreme rate of fire, reaching upwards of 1400 Rounds per minute. Despite the small round, the amount of damage it can do is breathtaking to say the least.
Caliber: DOT .380ACP | Magazine Capacity: 32 round -s-
Glock Model 17
For the regular version of this handgun, it is recommended that you use it on Zombies, Cerberus’, and Bandersnatch. With the modified version, you can use it up to the Sweeper.
Developed by Glock of Austria, this handgun became one of the most popular polymer frame pistols ever produced. It was made in the early 1980’s for police. Soon afterward, it was sought after by both civilian and military alike. It is a very well produced firearms, capable of firing in all environments. It has a polymer frame and steel slide. It has dovetail sights with night time inserts for night shooting. It can be factory modified, or custom modified with a ported barrel. This gives the Glock that extra “wham”. A true must for any type of combat scenario.
Caliber: 9×19 Parabellum | Magazine Capacity: 15+1 round -s-
Franchi SPAS -12 (Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun)
Use on all, low to moderate enemies. Ammunition is scarce so use it wisely.
Designed in the late 70’s for police and military applications. It is complex and fairly heavy. This means that due to its design, it is fairly expensive. Other than the overall design, it is a awesome shotgun with more than enough knockdown power.
The weapon itself is very unique. It features a switch that will trigger either a Pump-Action mode or a Automatic mode, depending on the operators choice. It features rifle sights, and can be outfitted with a muzzle break or a flash hider. You can also outfit it with a shorter barrel -LE and Military only-. And there is also a option for a foldable stock atop the receiver, or a solid stock.
Caliber: 12 Gauge | Magazine Capacity: 8+1 shell -s-
Mikhail Kalashnikov AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikov- 47)
It is a good all around weapon, but once again, ammunition is scarce so use it wisely.
This rifle is a direct descendant of the Nazi STG-44 (MP-44). Developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov for a reliable assault weapon for the Soviet Union. It was soon picked up by many Police, Military, and Terrorist Organizations alike. It is a very reliable weapon, and can even fire with a rusted shut bolt.
Designed in 1947, a basic, gas operated weapon. It is a very simple design. The trigger/ receiver group is based loosely on early Browning designs. It has battle/ combat sights, and a additional sighting system that is graduated up to 800 meters.
Caliber: 7.62x39mm Soviet | Magazine Capacity: 30 round -s-
Marlin Firearms MR7 30-06 calibur rifle
Use on Alexander Ashford -Also Known as Nosferato-
The Marlin MR7 comes in two different calibers: A 30-06 caliber version and a 270 caliber version. The version featured in RE:CVX is the Marlin MR7 30-06 caliber version. Aside from being not to well known the MR7 was manufactured in very limited numbers, not because of a lack of quality, its a very fine rifle. The MR7 (30-06 version) Fires, obviously a 30-06 calibur cartridge, has a 24 inch barrel and is bolt-action operated.
Caliber: 300. Savage | Magazine Capacity: 5 round -s-
Colt Python
Use this primarily on the Alexia-Type Creature, but you could use it on any other boss-type creature such as the Hunter. Remember though, ammunition for this handgun is scarce, if non-existent.
Developed and Introduced by the world known Colt Mfg. Company in the mid 50’s. It comes in a variety of styles. Stainless is most preferred as it is cheaper to the operator. Compared to other evolvers type magnums, this handgun is top of its class. Pythons are double action revolvers, which must be manual reloaded through the swing open cylinder which hold 6 rounds. Sights are full adjustable and removable for the operators convenience. This revolver also features numerous barrel configurations for certain types of situations.
Caliber: .357 | Magazine Capacity: 6 round -s-
Umbrella Corp. Biohazardous Containment Linear Launcher
Usage on Alexia-Creature.
Designed by Umbrella Corp. for Biohazard Containment. It is very powerful, more than capable of destroying anything. It has Hi-Impact, heat Treated Hydrogen plasma which is very deadly, and highly volatile. It is basically a “one-shot-one-kill-deal”.
Caliber: Heat Treated, Hydrogen Plasma | Magazine Capacity: Unlimited

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