Resident Evil Code: Veronica About

After RE3: Nemesis being the last game on PlayStation, Capcom had to find a next generation console to continue their popular franchise. They found it in the Sega Dreamcast. It was said that Code: Veronica will be a side chapter of the series and only be released on Sega Dreamcast.

Every true RE fan bought a Dreamcast only to play the upcoming RE game with finally NO pre-rendered backgrounds anymore.

About 6 or 7 months after RE C:V being released on Dreamcast, Capcom announced the production of a “complete” version of the game for the PlayStation 2. They added three new Wesker cut-scenes, and some minor adjustments to the game. The end sequence was really superior, most likely the best in any RE game yet. Fans were disappointed by Capcom. This only either to make money from a good game, or tweak some faults in the original. A GameCube release was announced later, near the release of the RE2 and RE3 ports. However, the port to the two alternative consoles made the game far more accessible to RE fans, and there are even slight differences between the GameCube and Playstation 2 port, for example codes, or the aftermath of the battle with Nosferatu.

Release Dates of CV Original: Japan: January 2000 || US: March 29th 2000 || PAL: June 2000

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