Resident Evil Code: Veronica Enemies



Infection with T-Virus in a human host results with this. It has a severe necrotic effect on the host due to their metabolism, and they need to feed on fresh meat in order to survive. They have no intelligent behaviour and are driven only by their urges, and so they are easy to either kill or avoid. In this primative stage of transformation, they are also very slow.

Origin: Human | Attack: Very Slow | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 1/5


This is the result of infusing the T-Virus with a dog. They can attack either singularly or in packs, and the best way to defeat them is by using a shotgun. Not too much trouble to kill, but dangerous if you have low health.

Origin: Dog | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 2/5


Bat’s are chilling on roofs and as long as you don’t run arround like hell they won’t attack you. Bats also hate light, so just equip your lighter and don’t run arround.

Origin: Bat | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 1/5

Gulp Worm

An enormous big worm digging arround below the training facility. You can completely avoid a fight if you just do your business and quickly go through the next door.

Origin: Worm | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 3/5


Bandersnatchers were originally intended to be Tyrants, however something went wrong along the way and ended up as these. They only have one arm, which they can use to transport themselves across very long distances, or to attack. Also, if your health is caution or below, they can use this arm to crush your head in a final attack, so beware. The best course of action is try to shoot them with the explosive arrows on the bowgun, and if trying to avoid them, run around the side of them, the side without an arm, and quickly.

Origin: Human | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 3/5


Hunter’s are based on frog-DNA. The version that hunts you in Code Veronica is by far the most dangerous one and definitely an enemy to be feared of. Especially if they are poisonous. But you shouldn’t look if they are or not, just take out a fat gun and blow them into viral heaven.

Origin: Frog | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 3/5

Giant Spider

The big spiders in C:V are more advanced than in previous games. You especially should take major care of their poisonous attack.

Origin: Spider | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 3/5


Way more dangerous than they look. Try to not waste your ammo on them, but don’t let them attack you. Moth’s are able to put their fuckin eggs somewhere on you without you noticing it. Always take a blue herb with you in Antarctica.

Origin: Moth | Attack: Normal | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 1/5


This Tyrant is a T-078 model, a variant of the T-103 model deployed without its limiter. Given to the Rockfort Facility by Umbrella for added protection, Alfred released this Tyrant to pursue Claire once she tries to escape. You encounter this Tyrant twice, once on the way to the Airport, and once inside the plane where he is significantly more difficult. The fact he pursues Claire shows this Tyrant can be programmed to follow orders, however it is unknown if this model is sentient or not. He utilizes maces as hands, with which he can elongate a claw and make him a deadly opponent. It is always best to save a fair bit of health and grenades and heavy weaponry for the plane battle, as it is one of the most difficult fights in the game. This Tyrant is finally defeated when knocked out of the plane by cargo.

Origin: Human | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 4/5


Tons of albinoids break out of a tank in the training facility. They are very small, so don’t worry and just run away. Later in the game you will meet one bigger version of them. He is swimming arround in water. You don’t need to kill him, because you only have to get an item out of the water somehow.

Origin: Salamander | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 3/5

Alexander Ashford

This is a result of Alexia injecting the T-Veronica sample into her father Alexander, in an experiment to see the effects of T-Veronica in a human host. The effects were poor, and resulted in Alexander losing all sentient behaviour, severe necrosis, large appendages from his back and he emitted a strong poison to which the only cure is the serum created by Alexia. He is the first known host of T-Veronica. The most effective way of defeating him is shooting him in the heart with Alfred’s sniper. If you hit him directly in the heart with the sniper rifle with the 7 bullets, that is all the ammunition you’ll need. Another method is avoiding his tentacles and knifing him in the heart.

Origin: Human | Attack: Normal | Infection: T-Veronica | Danger Level: 4/5

T-Veronica Subject

This is the mutant form of Alexia Ashford, awoken from her 15 year cryogenic sleep and co-existing with the T-Veronica virus. Although she still keeps all sentient behaviour and attacks tactically rather than aggressively, making her a formidable opponent. You fight her in 3 forms. In her first form, she remains humanoid and attacks mainly with blood which is flammable when oxygenated.
In her second form, she has mutated, closely resembling a Queen Ant, and has sprouted wings resembling a dragonfly in place of her arms. She produces young which can attackattack you with tentacles at either side of her body. In her third form, she has detached herself from her large bottom appendage due to damage, and now closely resembles a dragonfly. She also vomits in this form, which in turn ignites and can harm the player if not avoided.
you with appendages from their back. Alexia can also

Origin: Human | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Veronica | Danger Level: 5/5

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