Rumor: Resident Evil 8 Village’s PS5 Version “A Hurdle” For Development, PS4/XB1 May Still Be On

Remember when we ran the post about the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Resident Evil 8 Village reportedly being scrapped early in development a few months ago? It seems there may be a lot more changes happening behind the scenes of the game’s development, and they may not be positive changes if the reports are true.

Veteran insider and “leaker” for the Resident Evil series with a nearly impeccable track record, DuskGolem (aka AestheticGamer), has recently tweeted a series of updates about the development of Resident Evil 8 and it’s not exactly good news.

He states that even after the PS4 and Xbox One versions have been shelved to help optimize and possibly speed up the development of the game by focusing on next-gen hardware, which has led to some strides and progress in many key areas of the development, there’s one version, in particular, that’s proving difficult to get working on-par with the other versions being developed. He reports that the PS5 version of the game is struggling to keep up with several experimental upgrades and improvements they’ve tried to implement recently, even while these features have worked perfectly on the Xbox Series X and PC versions of the game.

He had also stated previously that Capcom (and other devs,) had already encountered some issues with the PS5 development earlier in the cycle, related to the PS5 hardware often struggling to reach true 4K visuals, which is a feature they wanted to focus on achieving with this title. It seems this setback of getting the game running in a satisfactory way across platforms may also cause the game to be delayed much further from its original target date, which was reported as January of 2021, since they have a paid marketing deal with Sony for the game, and therefore a staggered release date for PS5 is probably out of the question.

He states that amidst these issues, Capcom has still not completely ruled out the possibility of continuing development on the PS4 and Xbox One versions and has been sending questionnaires to their playtesters to get their opinion on the performance between versions and if they feel it’s still worth pursuing the current-gen versions to target a wider audience at the cost of a possible impact on the quality of the experience. DuskGolem reiterated that this was absolutely not just “console warrior” fodder, but rather actual reports and concerns he has been receiving from his contacts at Capcom.

As always, these kinds of rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, but it may spell out some upcoming changes for RE8, including possible delays and scrapping/downgrading of some ideas from their original design goals with the game. Capcom has not commented on any of these rumors or made any announcements regarding these concerns, so we’ll have to wait to see if those ever reach the public.

Has Sony aimed too low in their hardware specs for their next-gen console, if developers are already reporting bottlenecks in performance compared to its peers? Or is Capcom just being too ambitious with this project? Only time will tell the answers to these questions. We may get some more answers in the upcoming months as development continues, so keep your eyes out for more updates about this.

Resident Evil 8 is still set for a general “2021” release window, but we may find out some more details or updates later this month at Tokyo Game Show, as Capcom has previously stated the game will appear there as well.

You can read DuskGolem’s actual tweet stream below, and share your thoughts in the comments, as we eagerly await more updates on Resident Evil 8 and a potential updated release window in the near future.

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