Resident Evil Code: Veronica Characters


Claire Redfield

A couple of months after escaping the Raccoon City outbreak, Claire headed to the Paris Research Facility in an attempt to find her lost brother Chris. Almost escaping, she was captured by Rodrigo Juan Raval, held at gunpoint with no bullets left. She was knocked unconscious and transported to the Rockfort Island prison and Training Facility, an isolated island controlled by Umbrella and ran by Alfred Ashford. Due to an unknown attacker, a viral outbreak has occurred on Rockfort Island so she must once again fight to survive, in a search for Chris Redfield.

Height: 169cm | Weight: 52.4kg | Blood Type: A | Age: 19

Steve Burnside

Steve Burnside was taken prisoner by Umbrella along with his father, as his father had intended to sell information he had stolen while working for the company. Steve’s mother was also killed during their arrest, which we see in game to have caused him great distress. Steve met up with Claire early on in the Rockfort Island escape, and they both worked together to escape the Island. Eventually, a romance occurs between Steve and Claire, although he meets a rather sticky end at the hands of Alexia Ashford.

Height: 173cm | Weight: 67,5kg | Blood Type: B | Age: 17

Chris Redfield

Chris, after leaving Raccoon City in an attempt to take down Umbrella, Leon had passed on a message to Chris from Claire with the co-ordinates of the Rockfort Island facility. As a surviving member of S.T.A.R.S, he feels responsible for taking down Umbrella, however he rediverts his course to Rockfort Island to save his sister due to his protective behaviour over his little sister.

Height: 181cm | Weight: 80,5kg | Blood Type: 0 | Age: 25

Rodrigo Juan Raval

Rodrigo is an employee for Umbrella, hired at the Paris Research Facility and responsible for the imprisoning of Claire Redfield and escorting her to the Rockfort Island facility. Rodrigo is injured during the outbreak on Rockfort, and allows Claire to leave due to the dire situation. He runs out of hemostatic medicine which is needed to stop his injury bleeding and keep him alive, which if you provide, he is kind enough to give you a lockpick. He also meets ChrisRedfield later on in the game, until he is swallowed whole by a giant gulp worm. You get to choose his fate.

Height: 178cm | Weight: 75kg | Blood Type: A | Age: 38

Alfred Ashford

Alfred Ashford is the leader of the Military Training facility on Rockfort Island. He is the grandson of Edward Ashford, one of the three founders of Umbrella. He is very close to his twin sister Alexia, and has become mentally ill during her cryostasis, telling the employees on the Rockfort/Antarctic Facility that she died many years ago. In her abscence, he has developed a multiple personality disorder, with which he dresses up as his sister and speaks like her, taking on her personality and emulating a conversation between the two as if she were there. He has a great love for the military, having a model tank in the facility and a false tank which he uses to cover up a secret passage to an aircraft. His main priority is the protection of his sister while in cryogenesis, and although making him insane, he lived for and died for his duty to his sister. He has also stated he lives to serve his sister, and his ideal world is Alexia ruling the world with him as her servant.

Height: 176cm | Weight: 61,8kg | Blood Type: AB | Age: 27

Alexia Ashford

Alexia Ashford is the twin sister of Alfred Ashford, and the primary antagonist of the game. She was born in 1971, along with her twin brother Alfred. She and Alfred were born as the result of an experiment by their father, Alexander. This experiment was called the “Code: Veronica” project, thus the title of the game, designed to reincarnate the matriarch of the Ashford family, Veronica Ashford. This was done by putting the DNA of Veronica into an egg, placed into a surrogate mother, and fertilized by Alexander. After studying ants, she found their lifestyle to be ideal, and began work on the “T-Veronica virus”. Following a failed experiment on Alexander, she decides that it’s required to remain in cryogenic suspension for 15 years to fully assimilate the virus and be able to utilize it’s power correctly; that was 15 years ago.

Height: 175cm | Weight: 53,4kg | Blood Type: AB | Age: 27

Albert Wesker

Wesker is now a member of a new company, HCF, after being disbanded from Umbrella for being a rogue agent. He attacks the Rockfort Island facility in a hope to secure a sample of the T-Veronica virus. He meets Chris on his mission, and gets to exact the revenge he desired. He’s gained inhuman power by now due to the Wesker Virus created by Birkin, Although he is responsible for the attack on Rockfort Island, he appears to be amused by the fact that Alfred blames Claire for the incident. His new powers aid him in the battle with Alexia later on, although he is ultimately overpowered. He manages to secure a T-Alexia sample from the newly infected Steve, and manages to escape in a submarine.

Height: 183cm | Weight: 84,4kg | Blood Type: 0 | Age: 38

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