Resident Evil Code: Veronica Cheats & Hints

Battle Game

Complete the game, and once you are back in the Main menu, the Battle Game option will be unlocked.

Rocket Launcher

To unlock the Rocket Launcher in the main game, successfully complete the game with Rank A in under 4:30 hours. Do not use First Aid Sprays, save Steve fast from the Gold Luger room, deliver the medicine to Rodrigo quickly, no retries and do not save.
After loading a new game, the Rocket Launcher will appear in the first item box.

Linear Launcher

To unlock the Linear Launcher in the Battle Game, complete each character Battle game with Rank A (Claire A, Claire B, Chris, Steve, Wesker). Once you do, the Linear Launcher will appear in your inventory in each Battle game you start.

Unlock Claire’s Second Costume in Battle Game

Finish the Battle Game with normal outfit Claire in any rank and time to make her available in the character selection screen.

Unlock Steve Burnside in Battle Game.

In the main game, once you take control of Chris, go to the Basement Office, there will be several drawers with different colors each. Once you solve the puzzle, you’ll obtain a Gold Luger replica that you must put in the item box until you finish the game. To unlock the last drawer and obtain the replica follow this sequence:
Red, Green, Blue, Bottom

Another way to obtain him as playable character in Battle Game, is to complete Chris’ Battle Game with a good ranking.

Unlock Albert Wesker in Battle Game.

To play as Wesker in Battle Game, you have 2 choices.
In the main game, after the fighting scene of Wesker and Chris in the incubation room, be sure to grab Wesker’s sunglasses, and put them into your item box until the end of the game.
Another way is to complete Steve’s Battle game with a good performance.

D.I.J.’s Diary

In the casino room in Battle Game, you can find the D.I.J. diary in the slot machine once you check it. Note that this won’t always appear and sometimes you’ll find another weapons or a FAS.

Save Rodrigo

Once you take control of Chris and the Gulp Worm eats him, attack the worm until it spits out Rodrigo, he will give you back the lighter.

Hint: Alternate Nosferatu’s Death Scene:

Once you reach the heliport and start the Nosferatu battle, take aim with your rifle and shot him in the heart until he dies, this will unlock a death scene.
Also, if you start stabbing him in the heart with the knife, an alternate death scene will show up.

Hint: Magnum for Wesker’s Battle Game

Once you reach the Casino Room in Battle game with Wesker, check the slot machine.
Most likely you’ll find a magnum with 6 rounds, that are recommended to use with Alexia’s boss battle.

Hint: Random animations in Battle game (Third Person Camera)

There are few animations your character will perform in certain room with certain characters.

At the freezing hallway, after killing everything, walk back to the door you came from and press the action button in the way.

In the locker room with the Hunter and the Sweeper, go back to the mirror once you kill them both. Also, in the Spencer room replica, check the Tiger Statue for another animation.

In the Junction room (Right before the split doors hallway, which one of those lead to the Casino Room), check the Soda machine next to some boxes after killing all the enemies.
Aim at a zombie with the Sub-Machine Guns, then press the L button to change aim, Steve will cross his guns.

In the Doctor’s room, check the human torso near the entrance to the underground area.

Rodrigo’s Cameo in Battle Game (First Person camera with any character):
Once you reach the Crate room with the first hunters in it, go and check between the boxes.
You will see Rodrigo beyond the crates.

Hint: Avoid bats.

To avoid getting hurt by bats, be sure to equip your lighter.
That way they won’t come closer to you.

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