VTM Battle Royale Revealed as Blood Hunt, Coming to Steam This Year

VTM Battle Royale Revealed as Blood Hunt, Coming to Steam This Year

Late last year, Paradox Interactive and developer Sharkmob revealed a Vampire: The Masquerade battle royale game that caught fans by surprise. Finally, the rest of the beans have been spilled, and we now know the title as VTM: Blood Hunt, releasing later this year exclusively for PC on Steam. Check out the trailer:

VTM: Blood Hunt centers on a war between multiple vampiric clans as well as a secret society called The Entity, which is targeting vampires for destruction. Playing as one of the clans, you can carry out carnage on the streets of Prague, currently in lockdown (where you have no fear of breaking the Masquerade), duking it out in third-person combat, which lets you see your fully customizable Kindred. A closed alpha is available for sign-up, which you can find on the game’s official website.

This will be the fifth World of Darkness video game produced by Paradox Interactive (the umbrella brand VTM and other titles like Werewolf: The Apocalypse are a part of), following four other rather iffy VTM games and last year’s abysmal WTA: Earthblood. It certainly won’t be the last, however, as nearly a dozen more WoD games have been planned, with many more VTM games specifically — including the currently indefinitely delayed VTM: Bloodlines 2, which lost its developer after months of slowly bleeding talent last year.

I’ve commented on it before, but VTM: Blood Hunt does no favors to my disappointment in the handling of this brand since its acquirement by Paradox Interactive. While Earthblood is the only game thus far I would call truly terrible, the other games released (such as the ‘Of New York VTM titles) have been pedestrian at best. The inexplicable chasing of the battle royale genre has me even more worried as to the future of these games, as the WoD brand is something I genuinely adore. I, of course, remain hopeful that we’ve only been seeing growing pains thus far, and titles such as VTM: Bloodhunt can pull it off.

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