The New Doom Movie is Doom: Annihilation, Direct To Video, First Trailer isn't "A Game Anymore" - Rely on Horror

The New Doom Movie is Doom: Annihilation, Direct To Video, First Trailer isn’t “A Game Anymore”

So we’d started reporting on a new Doom feature film a little under a year ago now, and every shred of info we’ve gotten since has just been more depressing than the last. Early looks at the set and costumes felt eerily similar to 2005’s Doom film, and now that we have a good look at this stuff in motion and… oh boy. Just… just look at it.

Not only does the trailer feel completely unchanged from the mess that was the first Doom film adaption, but the trailer itself feels like it fell through some sort of a time warp with early 2000’s “This ain’t no game” kind of marketing blurbs. Even while video game movies still mostly suck I’d hoped we were at the very least past that. Look, man, in a way it is super charming to see this… terrible, cheesy early 2000s shit back even if it seems to have no hint of irony or self-awareness whatsoever, but wow. While the film isn’t a sequel and does seem to have the creatures actually coming from hell (instead of being created by the T-Virus or whatever was in that first movie), it looks so god damn much like it I’m left wondering if maybe it did start production as a sequel and they backpedaled from that. It’s also direct-to-video (if you can’t tell from the Starship Troopers 3 production value), so get ready for nail-biting metal and cement interiors and digital blood effects.

Doom: Annihilation releases sometime this year, and you can bet your BFG that we’ll be recording a commentary for it just like we did with the 2005 Doom.


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