Part Two Of Slitterhead Q&A Now Live

Screenshot from Slitterhead trailer showing a terrified man on the floor.

Those who have been waiting patiently can now check out the second part of the Slitterhead Q&A session, where Bokeh Game Studios answers some burning questions on its upcoming horror game. For anybody who missed out on the previous session, you can check out what was previously covered in the first video here.

At this point, and despite what was shown in the teaser trailer for Slitterhead (which premiered at last year’s Game Awards), it’s clear the development team doesn’t intend for the title to be just a standard horror IP. Once again, director Keiichiro Toyama stresses that he doesn’t want this to be something that is exclusive to gamers who are into horror, and that non-horror fans should be able to enjoy it as well. As far as he’s concerned, it’s more important that the world creates a sense of fear in the player, rather than just straight up scaring them.

When asked about the inspiration behind the creature designs, Toyama said that he wasn’t interested in creating enemies that are there simply for the sake of it. In order to create a sense of significance, enemies, from what the director has said, have been designed to be “close to humans,” but ones that we’re “unable to understand.”

Perhaps one of the most interesting responses was when the team was asked whether they would look into creating a kind of “joke ending” similar to the hidden UFO scene in Silent Hill 2. It seems as though, while the team does not intend to set out with funny moments in mind while creating games, there is the possibility of a hidden funny bonus being hidden in Slitterhead as a secret, so that will be something worth looking out for as and when the game is released.

Currently, the game is expected to launch sometime in 2023, but at the moment there’s no exact release date. You can check out the full video of the second part of the Slitterhead Q&A below.

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