Silent Hill 2 fans need ‘a bit more patience,’ Bloober Team says

Silent Hill 2 Remake: James Sunderland looking at his face in a darkened mirror.

Fans have waited many years for anything new in the Silent Hill series. Last year, the Transmission livestream announced several new projects in the works, including the disappointing interactive experience Ascension. Many were most interested in the remake of series favorite Silent Hill 2, which is in development at Bloober Team. However, since then, very little news has been forthcoming.

Understandably, fans have been clamoring to know more. When Bloober was asked by user SodaRMT on Twitter about any updates, the studio responded, saying that, “Konami is the publisher of the game and communication is definitely part of their job.” What this means isn’t clear, but perhaps suggests that it’s up to the publisher to make official announcements.

This has some divided, wondering whether something’s wrong or if there’s a big announcement around the corner. The remake was updated on Steam in early October, and a Silent Hill 2 poster and potential box art and price info have also been leaked. Thus, many are speculating that the studio is just waiting for Konami to make a big reveal.

More recently, Bloober clarified that production is “progressing smoothly and in accordance with our schedule.” They’re also asking fans for a “bit more patience” and that when Konami shares more information, the wait will be “worthwhile.”

You can wishlist Silent Hill 2 for PC on Steam, but the release date is still listed as “coming soon.” The remake is also coming to PS5.

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