Resident Evil DLC Coming to Dead by Daylight in June

During today’s Showcase stream, alongside the new footage for Resident Evil Village and the shocking reveal of Resident Evil 4 VR, Capcom also saw fit to drop the surprising bomb that our favorite survival horror series would be crossing over with our favorite horror multiplayer game! An all-new Resident Evil chapter is coming to Dead by Daylight this June, along with a special Umbrella Corporation charm to use on your survivor and hook! Check out the teaser:

While the teaser itself doesn’t show anything off besides the Umbrella charm (the map appears to be the Red Forest and the survivor on the hook looks like they’re just Felix Richter), this is unbelievably exciting news as a fan of both franchises. Last year I made a fake Resident Evil crossover post for Dead by Daylight as an April Fool’s day post, with my pitch being that it would focus on RE7 (with Ethan as the survivor and Jack as the killer), but there’s no way of knowing what direction this DLC will go. The inclusion of the Umbrella Corporation logo specifically, and the distant sounds of REmake 2 and 3‘s zombies, I’m willing to bet this will probably be set in one of those two games. Fans are currently split on whether it’ll be perhaps Leon/Claire and Mr. X (which was actually modded in a while back and looked absolutely amazing), or Jill and Nemesis. It is worth noting Dead by Daylight co-director Mathieu Coté’s phrasing at the end here though — “Look, you have two choices here: kill, or be killed. Your call”, which is a direct quote from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles… by Claire Redfield.

What’s really crazy to me is, regardless of who ends up being included, this will be the first time that Silent Hill and Resident Evil have ever officially existed in the same game, crossing over at last after 21 years of competition.

At the moment, the DLC has no hard release date other than the month of June for a release window, which is crazy soon. I can’t wait, we’ll keep you updated as more information has been promised for May 25th!

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