Resident Evil 8: More Rumors – Chris Redesigned, VR, and More

I had planned on baking cookies today, but apparently the Resident Evil 8 leaks are going to be something of a permanent thing. Earlier today, artist and cosplayer ChatoicClaire tweeted some information regarding the new Resident Evil 8 rumors that have been circulating since yesterday. Once again, this is being treated as a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt. One thing that gives her claims a bit more weight is that they were corroborated by AestheticGamer, who we’ve come to rely on for his consistency in accurately leaking Resident Evil information time and time again. Of course, that’s a leaker backing up another leaker, so your salt should still be front and center. From her Twitter thread:

– Ethan & Chris are the main characters

– First person & VR are part of the current version

– 3 versions during development

– Former (Ambassador?!) tests were for the 3rd version

– Werewolves (dog/human hybrids with reptile like facial features) were part of the test version

– Tracker/pursuer enemy with a witch like design, similar to Evil Within

– Hallucinations related to her

– Not sure yet if it will have 8 in the title

– Game is described to be “creative”

– DNA strand sketches, might form the 8 symbol

– Original director isn’t involved anymore

In amongst the mentions for this thread, AestheticGamer joined the conversation voicing his own thoughts regarding the leak and its veracity as a source — namely that he believes it. From his Twitter:

I believe your source with everything. This actually fits also perfectly with some… opinions I knew of the original RE8 director, and makes more sense to me of how this version came so far along. One thing I’ll mention though is from what I know, RE8 shifted its direction  about half a year ago. I do believe there’s a high chance this game may still appear in some form that’s not RE8. The reason I believe this so strongly is there’s some other things about RE8 I know that changed a lot in the last half a year, but this version of RE8 may need to manifest in some form due to the connections it has with another game. I will say seeing everything coming out has been very interesting, even if I’m going against the grain in saying that the Werewolf/Witch game won’t be RE8.

From what I’ve heard, Chris got a redesign. I also will mention whether this Werewolf/Witch game manifests, there’s another game that should release first that shows Chris’ new design.

Fans have been speculating what that game that would show Chris’ new design first would be, with most pointing out REmake 3 as a likely candidate (either in a flashback or as an unlockable survivor in Resident Evil: Resistance). I reached out to ChaoticClaire to see if she had any information regarding her source or any further comments on her leak:

As per request, my source “CV” would prefer to stay anonymous. However, I mentioned in the past and they have proven several times that they have valid information. They are planning to reveal more on the matter, so please take the current information with a grain of salt as changes and updates will follow soon. I will make sure to provide an English translation of these updates as soon as possible. However, we apologize in advance if there is “wrong/outdated” information in my current Twitter post. I can assure you that the translation is correct, but some of the source information might have been outdated at the time of translation. Thanks for understanding.

If I can be permitted a moment to speculate and try to make sense of what these leaks and rumors are coalescing into here, let’s go full Phoenix Wright and piece together the story:

  • Resident Evil 8 has been in production for a few years, but gears shifted and the project split at some point in its development (think DMC1 and RE4 both stemming from RE3.5). One of these projects will most likely end up being the real Resident Evil 8, and the other a spin-off or unnumbered main game (like Code: Veronica).
  • The ‘Werewolf’ version as some are calling it is possibly the spin-off game, while Resident Evil 8 continues to be re-worked for a later date.
  • Whatever this game is, we could be seeing a reveal in the next few weeks during the rumored PlayStation 5 reveal event, and the upcoming Ambassador tests will be for this game.

Of course, that is all speculation on rumor and should be taken with just as much salt as everything else stated here. Until Sony and Capcom make any announcement regarding either the PlayStation 5 or Resident Evil 8, we can only go by what has already been announced. We know for a fact that the PlayStation 5 is a console coming this year from Sony Entertainment and a new, unannounced title is confirmed to be coming from Capcom and we’ll get to play it at a tester event held for Resident Evil Ambassador Program members. There is an upcoming tester event for Ambassador members, but the email sent to fans did not elaborate on what they would be playing, only the dates and locations the event was being held at.

For the moment, we can only continue being excited for Resident Evil 3 Remake and look forward to the unannounced game from Capcom. We’ll keep you updated as more information is made public.

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