Fan Reimagines Dino Crisis’ Regina in Unreal Engine 5

Dino Crisis

It seems that Capcom’s Dino Crisis has all but been forgotten, at least by the industry at large, but not by the fan base. It’s been nearly two decades since we were treated to a new title, with the final installment in the series being released for the original Xbox all the way back in 2003. A survival horror game that features dinosaurs? It seems mad that studios and publishers haven’t leaped on the chance to continue the franchise, especially in this current age of remakes and remasters.

While there’s no sign that we’ll get a new Dino Crisis game any time soon, one artist has taken it upon himself to imagine what a modern DC title could look like. Mike Wilson, a self-professed lover of video games, has managed to create a series of renders depicting numerous characters, with his latest one showing the original game’s protagonist, Regina, as created in Unreal Engine 5. You can check out this series of renders on the Wilson’s Artstation page here.

Dino Crisis

These new UE5 renders, along with many others Wilson has done, pay homage to the red-haired raptor-slayer. He explained the intent behind this updated version of Regina in further detail, saying:

Though the franchise has remained alarmingly quiet in the last decade or so, I’ve always wanted to pay homage to this incredibly special character by making my take on what a ‘remastered’ version of Regina could look like today; not in a manner that’s a ‘100% faithful recreation’ of her PS1 model, but in the same style as Leon, Claire, Jill and Carlos received in their superb remakes.

It’s an absolute shame that no one at Capcom seems interested in either creating a new game in the series or remaking one using a new engine. With fans remaking Silent Hill in UE5, there’s a lot of drive to bring Dino Crisis into the modern gaming era. For now, we can at least enjoy Wilson’s work and imagine what a modern remake of this all-but-forgotten horror franchise might look like.

Source: DSO Gaming

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