Fan Remakes Cafe from Silent Hill in Unreal Engine

Silent Hill Remake

While the world waits for publisher Konami to do something significant with the Silent Hill IP — you know, the IP that spawned several unforgettable classics in the survival horror genre, fans are left to their own devices to keep their passion for the series alive. One such fan, Mica Olsson, fired up Unreal Engine 4 to recreate one of the series’ iconic environments.

When protagonist Harry Mason enters the town of Silent Hill, he chases after his daughter Cheryl. His pursuit leads him to a dark alley and soon within the grasp of child-like monsters. He passes out and wakes in Cafe 5to2 with officer Cybil Bennett. Olsson’s Unreal Engine 4 project recreates the cafe using modern visual effects, and the results are fantastic. The dilapidated cafe looks long abandoned, lit only by the diffused light of the hidden sun. A full batch of screenshots are available on Olsson’s ArtStation page here.

With the comeback of the Resident Evil series in the last few years (thanks to Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 Remake), many horror fans wish that Silent Hill would rise from the ashes and reclaim its position as one of the genre’s greatest series. We may have gotten that with Kojima Productions’ Silent Hills, but it was famously cancelled. Were Konami to show interest in making a new game in the series, Olsson’s video helps sell the idea that a remake of the original PlayStation game wouldn’t be a bad option. It could reintroduce the series to today’s younger gamers and would benefit from following an existing blueprint. Alas, all we have are our hopes and speculation that something is in the works.

YouTube video

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