Silent Hill Art Director Working as Core Member of New Game

Masahiro Ito

Silent Hill series art director Masahiro Ito may soon grace the world of horror video games once again. Following his contributions to Metal Gear Survive creature designs and most recently a collaboration with Word of Tanks, Ito-san announced that the next game that he’s working on features him as a “core member” of the team.

This tease comes to us in a tweet posted yesterday:

While the freelance artist did not confirm whether or not this new title is a horror game, he’s shown a lot of interest in working on a horror game on his Twitter account over the years. He’s created 3D horror environments as tests in Unreal and the like, and he’s been happy to reveal in-depth looks at some scenes from past Silent Hill games. Horror seems like a good bet.

But there’s one other thing about his tweet that caught my attention. While indie projects can easily fall through and become cancelled, it’s strange that Ito-san — one of the Silent Hill series’ most accessible creators to fans (or as some would say, a member of Team Silent) — would express this concern alongside the news that he’s finally working on a new video game. I can’t help but think that he’s intentionally referencing the famously cancelled Silent Hills — whether as a tongue in cheek joke or as a low key hint about what the project may be.

With Hideo Kojima maybe-maybe-not working on a new horror game, would it be too far fetched to hope that something otherworldly is brewing? Does Konami have a place in this? Time will tell.

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