Red Barrels Nears 10th Anniversary, Invites Questions on Twitter

Red Barrels 10th year anniversary.

Red Barrels is about to celebrate its 10th year of scaring the piss out of gamers. Taking to Twitter recently, the Outlast developer is engaged in a sort of online pre-celebration, by inviting people to ask the team “almost anything.” Using the hashtag #AskRedBarrels, fans can post their most burning questions. As you can imagine, some have been asking about Outlast Trials.

While we wait for the third installment in the messed-up horror franchise (fourth, if you count Whistleblower), Red Barrels hasn’t said much about when the new title will actually come out. The last information we were given about Trials was back in April when the developer uploaded some concept art to its Twitter page. It looks like we’ll just have to wait until E3 to hear more about it. Except that won’t be happening either, sadly.

When asked via the hashtag whether a possible Outlast Trials teaser/trailer or demo would be announced at the expo this Saturday, Red Barrels responded by saying, “We will not be at any E3 events this year.” If there is one glimmer of hope in that statement, it’s the possibility that the Montreal-based studio is too busy working on the game to attend events.

As of now, the #AskRedBarrels hashtag is still active, though the developer doesn’t appear to be responding to many of the newer questions. However, that shouldn’t stop you from jumping in and, at the very least, wishing them a happy tenth anniversary. What the team actually has planned for the celebration is unclear, but they have promised it will be something different. We’ll be updating this post once we know more about what’s going to be happening.

It’s hard to imagine that Red Barrels have been going for almost ten years at this point. It’s a shame there won’t be any details about the new Outlast at E3, but we can at least enjoy this year-old teaser footage.

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