RE7 Now Tied with RE6 in Sales, REmake 2 Closing in Fast

RE7 Now Tied with RE6 in Sales, REmake 2 Closing in Fast

While there was some buzz regarding Capcom’s declaration to release “multiple major titles” in their latest earnings report, there was also the actual earnings in the report that we haven’t gotten around to talking about yet. Well, more specifically, Capcom’s updated platinum titles page — which shows a rather significant jump for the latest Resident Evil titles. The numbers for Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 Remake specifically, with RE7 now having tied the original release of Resident Evil 6 for the third highest-grossing Capcom title of all time at 7.5 million units sold. That isn’t accounting for re-releases of course, as RE6 still has another 2 million over on RE7 thanks to its re-release on current-gen systems; in terms of single releases, though, it’s a pretty major deal. RE7 was originally somewhat sluggish to start, selling slightly below Capcom’s expectations of launching at around 4 million units sold. That number picked up though, and now that we’re over two years out from its launch RE7‘s lifetime goal of 10 million units is surprisingly within reach.

RE6 and RE7 better watch out, though, as REmake 2 is sprinting towards the finish line. We previously reported that REmake 2 was closing in on 6 million units sold, and now we’re happy to report that the title has indeed hit 6 million — and in fact surpassed it, now sitting at a cool 6.8 million. That’s pretty nuts, as it means that REmake 2 shot up an entire million units in only three months. With that kind of momentum, there’s every chance that it could hit and surpass RE5‘s spot as the best selling single release in the series (with 7.6 million sold). Nothing’s going to end up getting even close to Monster Hunter World at this point, though — the laughably high 15.7 million units looks down upon the peasant numbers of the RE games below it.

Bringing up the rear is Resident Evil 3 Remake, which sold 2.5 million units — a million shy of the original title’s sales, and .5 million behind REmake 2‘s launch numbers. To be fair, REmake 3 couldn’t have released at a worse time, just as Covid-19 lockdowns went into effect the world over. We’ll just have to wait and see how the title fares against it’s bigger siblings over time, although the original RE3 always lagged behind the original RE2 (4.96 million units vs 3.5).

Meanwhile, Devil May Cry 5 is still going strong, now at 3.5 million units — which is up .4 million from February. So that’s cool.

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