RE2 Remake Wins Best of E3 From the Game Critics Awards

Hey hey! This is awesome to hear. Resident Evil 2 Remake absolutely delighted fans the world over when it was finally revealed at this past E3. Despite a bit of a long wait (although it was announced basically the day it was greenlit), it was absolutely worth every second. From a great reveal during the Sony press conference, a second, more gameplay oriented trailer later that day, and then finally a massive demo of the game on the show floor, RE2 Remake dominated the show for those who had been waiting eagerly since it’s announcement in 2015. On top of all this hype, it was notable just how god damn good the game looked and felt. Painstaking work and love clearly went into this remake, and the one two punch of having this follow up the excellent Resident Evil 7 made a message of dedication to the fans loud and clear. Horror focused Resident Evil isn’t just back, it’s here to stay and it is only going to be getting better.

Dedication gets rewarded, and RE2 Remake has won the “Best in Show” award from the Game Critics Awards, making it the first third party Japanese game to win in 20 years! It’s been very sweet to see the devs and other members of the RE2 Remake team share joy and thanks to the both the award and the dedicated fans, as the praise just keeps getting heaped on this upcoming title. This is hopefully can be remembered as the first award that this game wins, as we’re all hoping that this game sweeps game of the year awards next year.

RE2 Remake wasn’t the only horror winner from the Game Critics Awards, as Last of Us Part 2 took home special commendations for Sound and Graphics as well. It’s a damn good time to be a horror fan, friends.


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