Nicolas Cage Coming to Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight: Nicolas Cage

Behaviour Interactive’s massively popular asymmetrical multiplayer slasher sim, Dead By Daylight, is no stranger to crossovers. In its seven-year history, it’s become home to characters from the likes of Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and even Stranger Things (RIP).

This time, Behaviour has announced what is perhaps the game’s most inexplicable addition yet; Con Air actor and living meme Nic Cage.

The news came via a video posted to Twitter, which features Cage’s voice and a glimpse at the man himself. The brief teaser then ends with the promise of more news on July 5th, which notably falls after the usual dates for DBD‘s traditional anniversary stream.

Dead By Daylight

Though fans of the game might’ve anticipated a chapter based on one of Cage’s many horror roles, such as Red from Mandy, few would’ve guessed that he would one day come to Dead By Daylight seemingly as himself.

Whether this is a one-time arrangement or something that sets a new precedent for the types of crossover Dead By Daylight receives is yet to be seen, but fans of the game and actors alike are in for a treat when Nic Cage finally faces off against the likes of Michael Myers and Leatherface in The Fog. Yes, really.

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