Gamescom 2019: Dead by Daylight gets Stranger Things

Dead by Daylight has been continuing its ravenous consumption of licensed horror properties with gusto lately. Earlier in the year we got Ash Williams from the Evil Dead franchise, later Ghost Face from Scream, and today it has been revealed that the world of Stranger Things is coming to Dead by Daylight. The Demogorgon is the killer (which will be the first objectively non-human killer, although admittedly it is still humanoid) and the “realm” (fancy word for map) is the Hawkins National Laboratory underground complex. Characters Nancy and Steve (in their season one costumes, presumably to match with the season one Demogorgan) will be the survivors, which marks another first — two survivors for a pack instead of one. I’m all about that Stranger Things styled Dead by Daylight theme here:

YouTube video

I’m very interested to know what costumes will be available. Usually, the licensed characters don’t really have a whole lot of wiggle room for alternate looks as their film counterparts only wear one or two outfits in the films they’re in (character like Quinton and Laurie look dull as hell). In this case, however, Steve especially is ripe for his goofy Scoop Troop duds (even if the bright blue will probably make him stand out like a beacon from God on the map). I’m definitely interested in picking this up, as I still play Dead by Daylight on a pretty regular basis (61 hours on Steam and another 150 on Xbox… Jesus now I kinda wish I hadn’t looked that up) and will always welcome more content. Still, kinda wish we could get just one more mode though.

The Stranger Things Chapter releases across all versions of Dead by Daylight in September. No word on pricing, but considering it comes with a killer, two survivors, and a map, odds are good that it might actually be one of the most expensive DLCs thus far.

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