Ash Now Available in Dead by Daylight, Ashy Slashy Handpuppet is a Cosmetic

Dead By Daylight announced recently that horror icon Ash Williams (the star of the Evil Dead franchise) would be joining as a DLC survivor. He looks great, capturing star Bruce Campbell’s charming smirk and imposing chin perfectly. He’s available for purchase now, at $4.99, which is two dollars less than the other DLC packs (which feels off considering all the other packs came with a killer and a map too — those were only worth two more bucks?). Anyway, it’s great to have him in the game, and if you’re willing to shell out a little extra (as they can not be purchased with the in-game currency since he’s licensed), there are some super fun cosmetics.

You can nab both a Value Stop uniform costume (from season one of Ash vs Evil Dead), complete with his shitty wooden hand:

There’s also a BBQ party Ash from season two, complete with the adorable Ashy Slashy hand puppet.

You can, of course, purchase each part of these outfits separately, so you can mix and match your look.

UPDATE: Turns out he DOES talk, but only in the pre-game lobby.

My favorite thing about this DLC, however, is discovering (unless there’s some special thing I’m missing) that they really did get Bruce Campbell just to record him making the “oof ergh ahh” sounds all the other characters make — he doesn’t say a single word, not even groovy. I joked about this when the news broke.

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