New Silent Hill “Robbie the Rabbit” Figures Creep to Stores this Fall


If you were to ask someone who the mascot of the Silent Hill series is, many will gravitate to Pyramid Head. Others may be more inclined to say the bloody, pink amusement park rabbit from Silent Hill 3. Well, Robbie The Rabbit fans have a reason to celebrate as today Japanese collectible company Gecco announced a new line of Robbie figures which release in waves starting November 2020.

Gecco will release six Robbie figures — in pink, blue, green, white, yellow, and purple. Each figure is 95mm tall and is covered in a soft, fabric-like material. Accessory weapons are exclusive to each color variant, meaning you’ll have to catch ’em all if you want an arsenal of makeshift toy weapons. Two variants will launch at a time and will cost $29.99 each. Gecco will also sell a hospital stretcher accessor for $17.99 alongside the first wave of Robbie figures. Fans who get the whole set can recreate their Usagi fantasies (see below) all day long.

Some years ago, Gecco also released Pyramid Head, Heather, Robbie, and Nurse figures. I have all of them but for Robbie, so I’m excited to get myself one (or two…and the stretcher) of these little rabbits.

[Source via Siliconera]

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