New Prologue to Erotic Horror Title Lust From Beyond Available Sept. 24th

New Prologue to Erotic Horror Title Lust From Beyond Available Sept. 24th

In anticipation of the upcoming psychosexual horror title Lust From Beyond being released later this year, Polish developer Movie Games have announced a new prologue for the game which will be available on Steam starting September 24th. The free-to-play teaser entitled Scarlet will be another taste of the gory erotic horror that the full game promises.

For this new prologue, the team have said players will:

Play as Alan, whose mind is possessed by a hardly satisfiable sexual drive. To control his emotions, he meets with a psychiatrist who is supposed to solve his problems. During the session, Alan talks about a strange date in an abandoned theatre. The story quickly turns into an experience filled with dread and dark desires.

Movie Games have promised there will be no Lust From Beyond spoilers, as this is just another introduction to the main game’s mechanics and themes (the first being the aptly named Prologue). It will also introduce a new faction: Scarlet Lodge.

Some of the main game’s feature include:

  • Bold erotic motives adapted to the horror theme
  • Interactive sex scenes
  • Running from your opponents and fighting mechanics
  • A world inspired by the works of Lovecraft, Giger, and Beksinski
  • Exploration of a graphically advanced environment full of interactive objects
  • Rich sound and music design

Sex and horror are not a common genre in gaming so it remains to be seen whether it will be received favourably or not. Some of us are still reeling from the dry dog turd that was 2018’s Agony. Seriously, how disappointing was that game? Let’s just hope Lust From Beyond is a much better offering for us debauched horror fans. It certainly looks like it has potential.

You can check out Lust From Beyond’s Steam page here.

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