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New Episodes Released for Silent Hill Documentary “The Grate Debate”

Silent Hill documentary The Grate Debate by YouTubers BobVids and VoidBurger started six years ago with the goal of examining the iconic Konami series. Composed of podcasts, interviews, and video features, The Grate Debate has been an ongoing project, with its latest — and most anticipated — episodes, some years in the making. If you’re a Silent Hill fan, you owe it to yourself to watch.

Today, five new episodes for The Grate Debate are available, which together examines some of the series’ most turbulent years and controversies, starting with a profile and interview with former Silent Hill series producer Tomm Hulett. If you’re a fan of the series, you likely know his name; if you’re inclined to believe the impassioned and bias rhetoric from a similar Silent Hill YouTube series, then you likely hate Hulett.

The Grate Debate’s newest episodes aim to set the record straight on everything from Tomm Hulett’s involvement with the series, the drama behind the Silent Hill HD Collection and voice actor Guy Cihi, and more. Interviews with Tomm Hulett, Guy Cihi, and series translator and writer Jeremy Blaustein are all here. Whether you’re unfamiliar with the subject matters discussed and are curious to know more, or already think you are informed and want to hear it all told in one concise place with sources, these videos are a perfect place to start. A lesson in the effects of toxic fan outrage against creators can also be learned here — something this industry and community needs way less of.


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