‘Last Year’ Gets a New Lease on Life on Steam

Last Year Steam

Asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Last Year has been through a lot. Inspired by classic slasher films like Friday the 13th, after its announcement in 2014, the game faced legal trouble when Friday the 13th: The Game was announced later on. It then went into quiet development for some time, re-appearing after interest in its aforementioned competitor started to wane. It finally released in December 2018, though exclusive to the ill-fated and now-defunct Discord Game Store. Even though the game was pretty darn good, it never gained traction. But thankfully it’s not game over yet.

Developer Elastic Games has announced that Last Year is headed to Steam on December 10th, packed with new content in the form of gameplay tweaks and Chapter-based expansions. When it hits Steam, Last Year: Chapter 1 – Afterdark will bring a new playable monster: a spider. And good news for those who already own the game on Discord: you’ll be getting a free Steam key for the new version!

For those unfamiliar, Last Year pits a team of archetypal teens against a supernatural killer. Unlike Dead By Daylight, Last Year‘s maps are fairly large and players (humans and monsters alike) have a lot more gameplay options at their disposal, such as traps, upgrades, and multiple escape objectives. I really enjoyed what I played, but it was hard to justify playing when none of my friends wanted to invest in a Discord exclusive. Hopefully, Last Year‘s Steam release gives it the popularity and player base it deserves.

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